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Girl on the Bicycle

Short Stories

Girl on the Bicycle / Short Stories

short stories, you will read the story of the girl on the bike.

To you. When I tell the exemplary stories of the “bike girl”. Hope’s. You realize how important excitement is.

Your belief…  Your hope for tomorrow…  Your goal, your purpose…  You must have a dream, an excitement.
Especially if you are over 70… Don’t worry about it.

When I tell you the story of the “girl with the bike”… Hope’s…  Your excitement…
You realize how important it is in the struggle for life.

Who has no one but his old grandmother… He goes to school on his bike…
This is the life story of a high school student girl…
One day, the grandmother falls ill with a fatal disease. There was no doctor left that the young girl did not go to.

No medicine was the solution. Learning about this desperation, her teacher gives the young girl a book. And it says;
-Read this book to your grandmother when you get back from school… I’m sure she’ll love it.
The subject is very interesting. But stop reading at the most exciting part. Tell me you’ll read the rest tomorrow, she.

The young girl does as her teacher says. Every day he comes back from school…
He reads certain pages of this thick book to his grandmother.
But as his teacher said… He always leaves the most exciting part of the book to the next day.

Grandmother loves the subject of the book. To learn more…
He looks forward to his grandson’s return from school the next day… He waits with excitement.
Months passed… Hope and excitement made the old woman forget her illness…
He started to get better every day. But on his way home from school on his bike…
The young girl is hit by a car. They immediately take the injured girl to the hospital.
They keep them under observation at the hospital all night. They let him go home the next day.

As the grandmother stayed in the most exciting part of the book… With hope… She waits with excitement, she waits…
His grandson never knows how to come. The old woman’s hope is fading. When the young girl returned home;
In the seat of her illiterate grandmother… A book in her hand… She sees that her head has fallen in front of her and she is dead.
He goes crazy. The young girl has no other choice but to cry…

Request! How important ” HOPE ” is in life… We understand very well from our story.

To read the Turkish version of our exemplary story, click here.

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