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Frozen: The Story of Anna and Elsa

The Story of Anna and Elsa

Frozen: The Story of Anna and Elsa / Elsa’s Gift

Join us for a captivating English story that brings the adventures of Anna and Elsa to life. Discover “The Story of Anna and Elsa” on our website, a magical tale that unfolds the enchanting adventures of Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Our collection of short stories, featuring Anna and Elsa, promises to transport you to a realm of wonder and joy. Dive into “The Adventures of Anna and Elsa” and let the magic of their story unfold. Experience the magic today on our website!

You can listen to Elsa and Anna’s new adventures in our Elsa and Anna Fairy Tale Video.


The kingdom of Erindel was white with snow falling in silence. Snowflakes tickled children’s noses and melted on their tongues.

The people of Erindel hurried through the streets, sinking in and out of the deep, powdery snow.

Everyone was happy that the snow had come, because this time winter had not come out from under Queen Elsa’s head. Winter had really come!

elsa ve anna

From their castle, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna watched the people of Erindel bustle about. Everyone was preparing for the winter ball that would take place that evening, organised by Elsa.

Elsa smiled. For the first time since she was a little girl, the doors of her kingdom were wide open. She had finally learnt to control her ice magic and, most importantly, she and her sister were friends again.

Anna tugged Elsa’s arm and pulled her away from the window. “Come on,” she said. “We have a lot to do to get ready for the ball!” Elsa smiled and followed her sister. Anna was right. There was so much to do!

Anna and Elsa had been working hard for days to get ready for the ball. The castle was shining with Elsa’s ice magic, but there were still countless things to do.

Anna was in the kitchen while Elsa was finishing the frosting for the ballroom. “There,” she said, coming in with a plate full of cream buns, “the dessert table is ready! How is it, Elsa?”, But Elsa didn’t hear what her sister was saying. She was thinking about the ball. “Earth to Elsa,” called Anna.

Elsa looked at her sister and smiled. Anna’s love had saved Erindel and Elsa’s life. And Elsa wanted to do something special for Anna.

Something that would show everyone how much she loved her sister.Elsa looked around the ballroom. “I… well… I have to go,” she said to Anna and ran to the door.

When Elsa saw her sister’s friend in the castle garden, she called out, “Kristoff! “I need your help.” Elsa explained her plans to create the perfect gift for Anna. “You and I can make an ice sculpture for Anna,” she said.

Elsa’s plans did not end there. When Kristoff went to find a large piece of ice, Elsa locked herself in the kitchen. “Elsa?” called Anna. She knocked on the kitchen door. “Are you there?” “Don’t come in!” said Elsa. “It’s a surprise.”

In the kitchen, Elsa and Olaf were making cookies. “Olaf,” said Elsa to the snowman. “I don’t think you should get too close to the oven.” “Hih,” said Olaf, waving his arms from the tree branch.


“What could happen?” Olaf and Elsa went back to making Anna’s favourite gingerbread man cookies. The cookies turned out great and Elsa only had to refreeze Olaf’1 seven times.

“Elsa!” said Anna, knocking on the kitchen door. “It smells wonderful in here. Can I help?” “No,” Elsa called to her sister. “I’ll see you later. For now… wait in your room.”

When Elsa was sure that Anna had gone, she went to her bedroom without being seen by anyone. Elsa’s closet was full of things she had collected for her sister over the years.

She gathered them all together and carried them into the ballroom. While Elsa was placing the gifts, Kristoff arrived at the castle with a giant ice floe.

Elsa had no time to waste. In a short time she made a wonderful ice sculpture of Anna. Elsa took a short break to look at her wonderful work. Everything looked wonderful, but there was still something missing.

“Where is Anna?” asked Kristoff. “I haven’t seen her for a while.” “Oh,” said Elsa. “I told her to stay in her room so she wouldn’t spoil the surprise.”

“Hmm,” Kristoff said with a frown. “Elsa, I think Anna really needs…” “Some juice!” said Elsa, interrupting Kristof. “You’re right!” Then she hurried out of the room.

elsanın dolabı

“I was just going to say, ‘She just needs to spend time with her sister,'” Kristof said to the empty room.Elsa had just prepared a big bowl of juice when Anna came into the kitchen.

“Why did you come out of your room?” asked Elsa. “I was bored on my own,” said Anna. “I’d rather spend time with you.” “But you’ll spoil the surprise!” said Elsa.

Anna rolled her eyes. “I have a surprise for you too,” she said as she left the kitchen. “Follow me.” Elsa followed Anna into the snow-covered castle garden, but Anna disappeared from sight.

“Anna? Where are you?” called Elsa. “I don’t have time for this. I still have a million things to do…”

elsa anna

Pat! A snowball hit Elsa’s face. “Surprise!” cried Anna. “What…what did you do?” stammered Elsa as she wiped the snow off her face. “You just…Anna started giggling.

“It’s a snowball fight, Elsa,” she said. “You don’t seem to have time for me, so I’m declaring war on you!” Elsa began to grin. “Anna,” she said.

“I think you’re forgetting which one of us has magical powers over snow.” Then she made a giant snowball and threw it at Anna.

The snowball fight went on and on. Finally, Elsa asked for peace. The sisters had to get ready for the ball. Elsa gave Anna a sly look as she cleared the snow off her body.

Then, as she threw one last snowball at her unsuspecting sister and ran inside, she shouted, “I tricked you!”

That night, the two sisters welcomed their guests to the ball. Anna looked around the ballroom and saw Elsa’s cookies, juice and her wonderful ice sculpture.

“Did you make these for me?” she asked. Elsa shook her head.

“I wanted to give you the perfect present,” she said. “They’re all wonderful,” Anna said. “And thank you so much for thinking of them. But the best present for me is to be with you.”

“For me too,” said Elsa. Arm in arm, the sisters… went back to their party together.

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