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Osman Gazi’s Dream

Ottoman Stories

Osman Gazi’s Dream: Ottoman Stories

The Beginning of the Foundation of the Ottoman Empire

Historical stories In our category, one of the Ottoman stories, Young Sultan Osman Gazi is the founder and first sultan of the Ottoman Empire. His historical story is one of the most important turning points in Turkish history. This Ottoman story, Osman Gazi’s Dream, tells of a dream he had in his youth. This dream is a sign that he will build a great empire in the future.

This heroic story is an important work for Turkish culture and history. These historical stories help us understand the character of Osman Gazi and the foundation of the Ottoman Empire.

THE BRAVE CAVALRY OF THE GRAY HORSE, one day, a messenger appeared in front of Orhan Gazi and said:
“Your father orders you to come,” he says.
Orhan Gazi said: “Let’s go immediately.” says.

A terrible doubt suddenly entered Orhan Gazi’s mind. He left his father sick. Or did death come while he was dealing with the siege of Bursa?

He turned pale, his mouth became dry; He asked the other person in a barely audible voice: “Will I find my father alive?”
The man lowered his eyes and bent his neck. “God willing…” he said.

Orhan Bey literally broke away from his tent. As he jumped on his horse, he rode at full rein and crouched at the head of his father Osman Gazi’s bed: “You ordered me, my dear father!”

Osman Bey was lying down. He had lost his strength and the disease had worn him out. His eyes, which were shining while looking, were now dim. There was dead silence in the room. Osman Bey’s sick voice fluttered in this silence:
“Are you here, son?”
“I came, my father, as soon as I received your order. Order!”

Osman Bey examined his son carefully. Then he closed his eyes as if tired of such a small movement:
“I’m dying like everyone else, Orhan… But I’m not sad that I died, I’m sad that I couldn’t take Bursa. “What is the situation?”
“The siege continues with all its intensity, my esteemed father… It will fall today and tomorrow with God’s permission and grace.”

Osman Bey extended his hand outside the quilt. He was looking for his son’s hand. Orhan Bey sensed this. He took his father’s blessed hand in his palm, then bent down and kissed it.

The brave men were crying. “Shut up Orhan, crying doesn’t suit you. “Now listen to me carefully, listen to my will.”

Orhan Bey replied between sobs: “I’m listening with all my heart, daddy…”
“My son, open Bursa and make it prosperous. My son, after I die, bury me in Gümüşlü Tomb in Bursa. My son, favor the scholars, protect the children of the martyrs, love the veterans, consult the commanders I left to you.”
“On my orders, my dear father!”

“My son, do not assign duties in government affairs to those who do not know Allah and do not obey His commands. If you give it, you will go to the afterlife with a black face! They do not treat the public well and are prone to taking bribes.

The country and the nation suffer great damage from such people. My son, ask from someone who knows what you don’t know, ask so that you can find the right thing and do it.

Please the hearts of those who are loyal to you, do not be stingy, give gifts and benevolence to your soldiers and commanders. Whatever you do, do it after talking to those around you.”

Orhan Bey promised between sobs: “As long as God gives me life, I will not deviate from these orders by the hair’s breadth, my esteemed father, I promise!”

Osman Bey pretended to push his son with his hand: “Go now, take Bursa and bury me in Bursa.”
“I can’t leave you like this and go anywhere, daddy… Let me stay with you.”

Osman Bey opened his eyes in anger; For the first time since his illness, lights flickered in his pupils and angers swarmed: “I am still a Bey. If I am Bey, I order you: Go, lead the army and take Bursa!” He closed his eyes and turned his head away.

Orhan Bey got up slowly. He walked out with difficulty in his steps. His horse was saddled and waiting for him. He had to fulfill his father’s last order and go and take Bursa. He went and took Bursa.

But Osman Gazi could not bear it that long and was buried in Söğüt because he died before the conquest. In accordance with his will, he was taken from his tomb in Söğüt and buried in Gümüşlü Kümbet in Bursa.

You have read the heroic story of Young Sultan Orhan Gazi in our historical stories category. Your comments are very important to us, we are looking forward to your comments!

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